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Special Feed For Grass Carp
Special Feed For Grass Carp
Special Feed For Grass Carp
Special Feed For Grass Carp

Special Feed For Grass Carp

Our company can produce Marine fish, freshwater fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic feed. Mainly imported fish meal, for different aquatic products with different accessories refined, full variety, specifications, nutritional value comprehensive, balanced, cost-effective.


Fish placement:
The fish put into the requirements of healthy, neat specifications, no disease without injury, conditional requirements of their own training, domestication of the fish, foreign fish source the same. The stocking mode is mainly grass carp with appropriate cultivation of silver carp, crucian carp, megalobrama and so on. Crucian carp has a strong ability to use feed detritus, and can turn the bottom mud when feeding, which can promote organic mineralization, improve water quality, and does not compete with grass carp. It can be used as secondary culture fish, and generally does not raise carp.
The main grass carp net yield of 1000kg/ mu stocking mode: grass carp 100g/ tail, 700 tail; Silver carp 50g/ tail, 300; Silver carp 50g/ tail, 80 tail; Crucian carp 10g/ tail, 500 tail; 25g/ tail, 300 tails.

Feeding technology:
After a period of adaptation and domestication, the fish species should continue to adhere to the "four fixed", "four look" principle of head and tail. The feed should be special feed for grass carp. The feed with too low protein content will cause high breeding cost or insufficient nutritional composition. The feed should be fresh and not spoiled. Feeding pellet feed to use bait casting machine, is the feed scattered evenly, wide distribution, to avoid the fish body grab food, so that small, weak fish can not eat or eat not enough.

The frequency of pellet feed is:
Times a day from March to April, that is, 8 am, 11 am and 3 PM;
Times a day from May to September, i.e. 8 am, 11 am, 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM.
Each feeding time is about 30min, and the feeding amount should be 80% grass carp full. It is recommended to feed grass carp in the evening or night, because grass feeding in the daytime has a poor effect on pellet feed for grass carp.
Water quality management
As grass fish fry water and food intake, excretion, so the pool water.

Matters needing attention:
◆ Store in a dark, ventilated, cool and dry place to guard against rodents.
◆ Is not allowed to be intermixed with odours, such as petrol.
◆ Should be used as soon as possible after opening to avoid dampness, contamination and deterioration.


Product category

Fry feed

Fingerling feed

Food fish feed

Weight of feeding object(g)




Product Category

Fry feed

Fingerling feed

Food fish feed

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Particle size(mm)










Note: C is fine granular or irregular fine granular; P is granular, the length of pellet feed is 1-2 times of the particle size

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