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Compound Feed For Abalone
Compound Feed For Abalone

Compound Feed For Abalone

According to the nutritional needs of juvenile abalone, juvenile abalone and adult abalone at different stages, the reasonable collocation of various raw materials can make the nutrition of ingredients more comprehensive and all kinds of ingredients more balanced, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of juvenile abalone, rapid growth and transformation, high feed conversion rate, meanwhile, increase the immunity of abalone and improve the survival rate.


◆ All the raw materials of this compound feed are of stable source and complete nutritional composition, which can meet all the nutritional requirements for the growth of abalone;
◆ Abalone digestion and absorption, fast growth, high survival rate.
◆ Less organic residue of excreta and less influence on substrate.
◆ Can obviously enhance the immune function and anti-stress ability of abalone, abalone good color, abalone good vitality.

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