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Soybean Meal
Soybean Meal
Soybean Meal
Soybean Meal

Soybean Meal

Soybean cake and soybean meal contain 30~50% crude protein, which is one of the main protein feeds for animals. However, untreated soybean cake and soybean meal contain antitrypsin, urotoxic enzyme, saponin, goiter inducing factor and so on, which will have adverse effects on digestion and utilization of animals and feed.


Easy absorption and utilization: 

Soybean meal is hydrolyzed by probiotic fermentation to produce a large number of active peptides with unique physiological functions. The mixture of small peptides with molecular weight less than 5000 is the main component of the product, which is easy to digest, fast absorption and low antigenicity. It can effectively stimulate the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, regulate the structure of microecological bacteria in the body, and increase the decomposition, synthesis, absorption and utilization of feed nutrients in the whole digestive tract.

Disease prevention: 

A large number of efficient probiotics in fermented soybean meal can inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella in animals, keep the intestinal microecological environment in a balanced and stable state, and avoid the occurrence of intestinal diseases.

Improve feed utilization rate: 

Fermented soybean meal is rich in a variety of microbial enzymes such as protease, amylase, lipase, etc., which can supplement the deficiency of endogenous enzymes in the body, strengthen the digestion of nutrients, and improve the utilization rate of animal feed protein and energy.

Growth promotion: 

Fermented soybean meal is rich in a variety of nutrients such as lactic acid, vitamins, amino acids, unknown growth promotion factors, etc., with a unique fermented flavor, good palatability, increase animal feed intake. Lactic acid can also adjust the intestinal PH value of young animals, save the cost of acidifiers in feed, participate in the body's metabolism, promote growth.

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