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Yellow Croaker Feed
Yellow Croaker Feed
Yellow Croaker Feed
Yellow Croaker Feed

Yellow Croaker Feed

Large yellow croaks usually live in the deep sea, migration to the offshore from April to June, spawning, after spawning scattered in the coastal baits, autumn and winter migration to the deep sea; Small yellow croak migration to the coast in spring, spawning between March and June, scattered in the offshore baits, late autumn back to the deep sea, winter in the deep sea overwintering.

Rhubarb fish tail stalk slender, small scales, advocate 40-50 cm, 25-27 vertebrae; Yellowish tail stalk is short, the scale is larger, the body length is about 20 cm, and the vertebrae are 28-30.


Bait feeding:
In the cage temporary feeding stage, the daily bait rate of 8-10%, feeding twice a day. In the pond culture stage, the bait rate is 5-8% per day, feeding 4 times per day.
During the cultivation period, the bait is cast every morning and evening. Compared with snapper and envy fish, large yellow croaker has the characteristics of slow feeding and less quantity, so the bait casting is slow. Corvina corvina grows fastest during high temperature. In order to maintain the natural color of golden yellow of commercial fish, shading should be covered on the cage to control the light at the later stage of cultivation

Water Quality management:
Water temperature and salinity basically change with the natural variation of sea water.
During culture, water temperature varied from 15 ℃ to 30℃, and salinity varied from 2 to 3%. In the cage culture stage, the daily water exchange rate is about 20%. Should often scrub net clothes, avoid mesh clogging. In the pond culture stage, change 1/3 of the water every 3-4 days to keep the water fresh.
The optimum growth temperature is 22-26℃, salinity is 1.8-2.5%, dissolved oxygen is 5mL/L, pH is 8.0.


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