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Special Feed For Carp
Special Feed For Carp
Special Feed For Carp
Special Feed For Carp

Special Feed For Carp

Matters needing attention:
◆ Store in a dark, ventilated, cool and dry place to guard against rodents.
◆ Is not allowed to be intermixed with odours, such as petrol.
◆ Should be used as soon as possible after opening to avoid dampness, contamination and deterioration.


Feeding method of freshwater fish mixed feed:
Growth water temperature 25-32℃, higher than 32℃ or lower than 15℃ growth significantly slow, lower than 10℃ stop feeding. The suitable dissolved oxygen is more than 4.5mg/ L, less than 2mg/ L eat less, 1mg/ L will stop eating and float.

Single culture method: choose 2-4 mu, water depth 1-1.5 mu, after disinfection pond, put 3000-6000 summer flower fish/mu, feed compound feed 8-12 times a day, bait rate 5-8%. Adult fish mainly carp breeding mode, that is, different sizes of carp species in stages and batches, easy to catch round release. In this mode, feed compound feed mainly, crude protein more than 30%, feed 4-6 times/day, feed rate of 3-8%.

Mixed breeding method: carp summer flowers and other fish mixed breeding, carp can be the main or supplemented. If carp is the main fish, feed feeding should be strengthened; if silver carp is the main fish, water quality can be properly cultivated; if grass carp is the main fish, carp should be released less.

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