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Sargasso Powder
Sargasso Powder

Sargasso Powder

Sargasso powder is made of sargasso raw material by removing impurities, coarse air drying, steam sterilization drying, coarse powder processing, micro powder processing, cooling and other processes. Sargasso powder is one of the important and indispensable components of sea cucumber feed materials.


◆ High mineral content, easy to be absorbed. It is not only rich in minerals, but also exists in organic form, which is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate. The digestion and absorption intensity of animals is better than that of inorganic minerals after ingestion. SM(seaweed powder) as iodine agent is stable and easy to absorb, with a high utilization rate, while inorganic iodine is the opposite.

◆  It is rich in fiber and vitamins. And these nutrients have a good promotion effect on the growth and reproduction of aquatic animals, such as vitamin E in seaweed (tocopherol) can improve the amount of eggs, fertilization rate of animals.

◆ The bioactive substances and growth-promoting factors in seaweed can adjust the nutritional balance of feed, improve the metabolism, digestion and absorption of nutrients, promote the growth of animals and reduce the cost of feeding.

Application Scope:

At present, it is widely used in the allocation and use of full-price feed of sea cucumber.

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