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Degummed Kelp Powder
Degummed Kelp Powder

Degummed Kelp Powder

Degumming kelp powder with high quality kelp raw materials, after impurity, degumming, filtering, steam sterilization drying, micro powder processing, cooling.


◆ After artificial selection of impurities, the purity of algal powder is improved.

◆ Freshness can be guaranteed to the greatest extent and the efficiency of bait can be improved. 

◆ Under the action of steam, harmful copepods eggs and harmful bacteria can be killed. 

◆ Kelp powder removed from algin can improve the digestion and absorption of sea cucumber and reduce intestinal pressure. 

◆ Organic iodine, crude protein and calcium and other nutrients have been enriched, which is more conducive to digestion and absorption of animals. 

◆ During the extraction process of algin, the impurities in kelp powder are greatly reduced and the harmful substances such as heavy metals are effectively removed.

◆ Rich in easily absorbed mineral elements and trace elements, DMPT can enhance the attractability of aquatic animal feed.

There are rich seaweed polysaccharides in degummed kelp powder, and fucoidan is one of the seaweed polysaccharides with biological activity. According to the yellow Sea Research Institute and ocean University of China, the content of fucoidan sulfate in degummed kelp powder (dry) is stable between 1.5% and 2.1%. Seaweed polysaccharide can enhance the intestinal detoxification of sea cucumber, improve the anti-stress ability of sea cucumber in high temperature and rainy season, and inhibit virus and drug-induced diseases.

The quality of degelatinized kelp powder is stable. As a kind of high quality feed raw material, it not only concentrates effective nutrients of kelp, such as protein, polysaccharide, lipids, mineral elements, trace elements and active growth promoting factors, but also can effectively improve the nutritional structure of feed, improve feed utilization rate and promote animal growth.

Range of application

Degum kelp powder is developed by the Yellow Sea Research Institute, Haifu feed and a number of large aquaculture enterprises, 2006 began to be widely used in sea cucumber, fish, shrimp, crab and other freshwater feed and chicken, cow, pig and other livestock and poultry feed. Adding in feed can not only meet the mineral and vitamin requirements of animals, but also improve the quality of animal products. Many studies have proved that degummed kelp powder can make up for the deficiency of nutrients in compound feed, promote the growth of animals, and enhance the disease resistance of animals.


The impurities in kelp were removed in the process of multiple washing and digestion and cooking in the extraction process of algin. Although some water-soluble mannitol and inorganic iodine were extracted, the kelp still had the following great advantages :

Organic iodine
Iodine in degummed kelp mainly exists in organic form. Scientific experiments show that kelp organic iodine has strong advantages, one is high stability, even in 270 degrees Celsius heating for 2 hours does not volatilize loss, and high absorption rate, for inorganic iodine 2-3 times; The second is high safety, acute and chronic accumulation of toxicology tests showed that it is non-toxic.

Crude protein
Degummed kelp powder has a high content of crude protein, and kelp after digestion and decomposition, it is easier to be absorbed by animals.

Algin and fucoidan
After the digestion and preparation of algin extracted in the presequence, the algin and fucoidan in the degummed kelp powder were degraded to different degrees, which was more conducive to the absorption of animals.

Because chitosan is used to treat floating scum in the extraction process of algin, there is also a certain amount of chitosan in feed products. Chitosan can not only increase blood pH value, enhance the quality and quantity of immunoactive cells, but also promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine, so as to achieve the effect of nutrient absorption. After repeated washing and digestion, most of the heavy metals in kelp scum exist in organic form, which is not easy to be absorbed by passive objects and is less harmful.

The calcium in degummed kelp basically exists in the form of calcium alginate, and the calcium content is significantly higher than that of seaweed powder, which is more conducive to the absorption of calcium.

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