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Shrimp Feed
Shrimp Feed

Shrimp Feed

Composition of raw materials:
High quality imported fish meal, shrimp meal, high quality cake, high gluten powder, refined fish oil, soybean phospholipid, probiotics, trace elements, complex vitamins, etc.

Product Features

◆ Scientific formula, balanced nutrition, add trace elements, vitamins and so on. It can satisfy the physiological and growth needs of prawn at all stages and has low feed coefficient.
◆ Improve immune and disease resistance: the use of immune enhancers and biological active ingredients in the feed, enhance shrimp body disease resistance, anti-stress ability.
◆ Good stability in water: fine feed powder, uniform feed particles, smooth incision. Good quenching and tempering, granulation and ripening, high stability in water, 30-40 minutes to soften, 3 hours do not collapse, save the energy of spot shrimp, less pollution to water quality.

Nutritional Indicators:
Crude protein ≥38%; Crude fat ≥4%; Crude fiber ≤5%; Ash ≤16%; Lysine ≥2.1%; Moisture 12% or less; Calcium is 3% or less; Sodium chloride 2.0% or less

◆ According to the specifications and quantity of pond shrimp, select the appropriate specifications and quantity of bait.
◆ The amount of bait should be adjusted according to the climate, water quality, water temperature and shrimp appetite.
◆ Each feeding should be finished within 1-1.5 hours (please use it up within the shelf life)

Please store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.
Please use it up as soon as possible after opening to avoid dampness, pollution or deterioration.

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