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Factors affecting aquatic feed storage in high temperature season


In high temperature season, there is a lot of rain and high humidity in the air. If the aquatic compound feed is kept improperly, it is easy to be affected by high temperature and humidity and deteriorate, resulting in losses. So how to store and keep aquatic compound feed scientifically and reasonably in high temperature season is particularly important.

Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the storage of aquatic feed

Temperature had a great influence on the warehousing and storage of compound feed, because a small amount of moisture and nutrient found in compound feed, for the survival, reproduction provides favorable conditions of bacteria, bacteria enzyme activity under high temperature has a certain degree, bacterial activity enhancement, a large number of breeding, decompose the components in the compound feed rapidly, so that deterioration, and produce a large number of harmful substances, Aquaculture animals eat moldy feed, will not only affect its normal growth, long-term past, toxic and harmful substances in aquaculture animals accumulated in the body, will eventually bring disaster to the health of consumers. When the temperature is lower than 10℃, mold growth is slow, the growth is faster than 30℃, compound feed will deteriorate rapidly, therefore, during high temperature, compound feed should be stored in low temperature ventilation place. The storeroom for storing feed should have heat insulation, light, radiation and other properties, so the top of the storeroom should be insulated, trees should be planted around it for shade, and the walls should be painted white to reduce heat absorption.

Moisture and humidity are two important factors affecting the storage of aquatic feed

Humidity and moisture in the air also play an important role in the storage of compound feed. The moisture of compound feed is generally required to be below 12%. If the humidity in the air is too high, the moisture in compound feed will exceed this proportion, and it will be easy to mildew in summer. Therefore, the storage of compound feed during high temperature should be kept dry, and the packaging should use double bags. In addition to the textile bag packaging outside, there should be a layer of airtight plastic bags inside, so as to prevent the infiltration of moisture in the air. In order to prevent moisture, the compound feed should be stored more than 30 cm away from the ground, and not against the wall. The ground should be covered with straw, rice husk and other moisture-proof materials, and then covered with a layer of straw mat, and finally stacked compound feed is safer.

The above cooling and moisture-proof measures can ensure that the aquatic compound feed will not become mildew during the high temperature in summer.

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