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Shrimp culture method and environment



The formula is scientific, the nutrition is balanced, and trace elements and vitamins are added. It meets the physiological and growth needs of tiger prawns at all stages, and the feed coefficient is low.

Improve immunity and disease resistance: The feed uses immune enhancers and biologically active ingredients to enhance the disease resistance and anti-stress ability of the shrimp.

Good stability in water: the feed powder is fine, the pellets are uniform, and the incision is flat. The tempering, granulation and maturation are good, the water stability is high, it will soften in 30-40 minutes, and it will not collapse in 3 hours, which saves the body energy of the tiger prawn and has less pollution to the water quality.

Nutritional indicators

Crude protein ≥ 38%; crude fat ≥ 4%; crude fiber ≤ 5%; crude ash ≤ 16%; lysine ≥ 2.1%; moisture ≤ 12%; calcium ≤ 3%; sodium chloride ≤ 2.0%

Instructions for use

According to the size and quantity of the shrimp in the pond, select the appropriate specification material number and feed amount.

The daily feeding amount should be adjusted appropriately according to the climate, water quality, water temperature, and shrimp appetite.

It is advisable to eat it in 1-1.5 hours for each feeding (please use it up within the shelf life).


Please store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.

Please use it up as soon as possible after unsealing to avoid dampness, pollution or deterioration.