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What are the details of feeding feed management under high temperature conditions?


The importance of feed in the breeding process is self-evident, especially in the high temperature period, it is more important to manage the feed. How to manage the feed during the high temperature period should do the following :

During the transportation of compound feed, prevent rainwater or artificial wetting, and avoid the dissolution and loss of nutrients.

Compound feed should be stored in moisture and mildew proof. In the high temperature period, the feed is easily mildewed and deteriorated. Feed should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. When storing in the warehouse, it should be more than 30cm from the ground and not close to the wall.

Pay attention to the shelf life of compound feed. Feed should be purchased and used first, and used up within the warranty period. Self-produced feed should be planned. Do not use expired or inferior compound feed cheaply, because its nutritional content cannot meet the requirements and may deteriorate, which is not conducive to the growth of shrimps and crabs, and pollutes the water quality and the bottom of the pond.

Feed live shellfish in time

Fresh trash fish should avoid the high temperature at noon and keep them fresh with ice. It is forbidden to feed spoiled fish and shrimp.