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What are the feeding methods of grouper? The feed proportion of grouper


Grouper breeding has gradually become a popular breeding breed in recent years. The scientifically matched feed is not only rich in nutrition, but also can improve the utilization rate of trace elements in the feed, promote the growth of fish and enhance the immunity of fish. Now we introduce the feed formula of freshwater grouper for your reference:

Grouper feed from ingredients

Feed ingredients for freshwater grouper:

Fish meal 41.7%, soybean meal 10%, small peptide 10%, shrimp meal 8%, yeast meal 8%, high gluten flour 16%, fish oil 4%, soybean oil 2%, Vinoviriol multi-mineral 0.1%, vinoviriol compound probiotics 0.1%.

White fish meal 35%, soybean meal 15%, shrimp skin 4%, yeast 4%, casein 30.2%, fish oil 2.68%, soybean oil 1.32%, starch 6.5%, choline 1%, vinoviol fish with multidimensional 0.1%, vinovirizil polyore 0.1%, vinovirizil compound probiotics 0.1%.

Aquaculture freshwater grouper using the formulated feed nutrition is good, reduce the cost of feeding, so that farmers get more economic benefits, fish with multi-dimensional supplement a variety of nutritional vitamins, resist various stresses, improve feed utilization rate, reduce the occurrence of diseases, enhance resistance, improve immunity.